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Most people try to overcome their addictions by forcing a change of behavior. The truth is that until they resolve their pain and their past, they will continue to struggle and backslide feeling powerless over their destructive behavior.

I offer coaching that helps people let go of the pain of the past and finally break free from their addictions, so that they can step into their power and learn to love their lives.




We will map out your past, identifying areas that need attention


We will resolve core issues in your life


We will help you break free from pain and addiction


You will go out and step into a new empowered life that is worth living





Tim has been an extraordinary coach. Somehow, he managed to ask those questions which made me look quite deeply into the motivations behind my actions. When I would answer to his questions, he would take them into consideration and produce another question based on what I had told him. He did not tell me anything! He just asked me the right questions based on what I had shared with him. This helped me to acquire a better understanding of myself.

Thank you, Tim!



I had a very unveiling and relaxed coaching session with Tim. We started with a meditation session and we had a conversation about my childhood. He understood where I came from and asked questions to make me think about why things are the way they are.

I was very pleased with the results and I’m grateful for being in the place I am right now thanks to Tim!


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